You’ve got 8 days left to get your NetHui 2020 ticket and an InternetNZ membership too


InternetNZ is really proud to bring you NetHui every year. NetHui is an important part of how we work with you, our community, on what you think about our Internet in New Zealand. It’s a platform for you to explore what we can do with the Internet to make a better Aotearoa and a better world using the Internet, and with other kiwis. We’d really like you to come along and you can get a ticket here.

You should consider becoming an InternetNZ member too!

Involving our community isn’t just important when we do NetHui - it’s also a really important part of who we are as InternetNZ. This year we are making it even easier to become a member of the InternetNZ whanau as part of your NetHui experience. If you believe in the importance of the Internet and what it can do for New Zealand, then please consider getting involved and becoming a member of InternetNZ too.

Here’s the offer: InternetNZ membership is $21, but if you’d like to grab a membership on top of your NetHui ticket, we will discount your NetHui ticket so you only pay $10 more for the bundle. 

We will be in touch after you purchase your ticket and enable your membership!

What does InternetNZ membership involve?

First and foremost, InternetNZ membership is one way that you can contribute to our work at InternetNZ. If you care about An Internet for All and An Internet for Good, then an InternetNZ membership is a way you can join with us.

We’re building an ever more engaging membership experience at InternetNZ. As a member you’ll get:

  • Get invites first to everything we do
  • Exclusive membership events where we connect you with more information about what we are doing, and an opportunity to share your ideas with us. 
  • Intersect with our Council and participate in our elections. 
  • Onto our member lists as a space to share info and discuss things with other members.
  • We’ve got a new team of people that are working on new ways of involving our members too. Here’s some of our ideas:New discussion tools - maillists are so 1995! 
  • At least one engagement a month specific to our members
  • Building a member-specific part of our website to hold privileged information just for you. 

For more about what InternetNZ membership is about, check out our website. And even if you are unable to join us at this year’s NetHui, we are keen for your membership too!

Buy your NetHui ticket now!

Sponsors & Community Supporters

NetHui wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of a large number of sponsors and community supporters. If you would like to sponsor NetHui 2020 please contact us at

Community Supporters