Accessibility guide

Video captioning

All panel sessions and pre-recorded lightning talks at NetHui will have live captioning. 

Breakout discussion streams and social events will be held in Zoom and won't have live captioning as a result. We suggest using the inbuilt captioning feature in Zoom for these discussions, or another text to speech programme of your choice. 

Workshops and side events are organised by their individual hosts, and may have their own accessibility arrangements. If you have registered for a workshop or side event, please contact the organiser to find out about their accessibility plans. 

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide live captioning of Te Reo Māori—we did our best to find a provider of both Te Reo and English languages real-time captioning and currently no one in New Zealand provides such a service. 

Programme Access

You can download a plain text version of the programme as a PDF file.  We recommend not doing this until NetHui begins on 13 October, as we will be making updates to the programme regularly and want to ensure you have the latest version. We will also email the PDF programme to all participants on Monday 12 October. 

To download the programme yourself, go to the Programme page, and click the printer icon.

You will see a plain-text version of the programme. You can customise its look (simple, detailed, or only the sessions that you have added to your Sched), and download the file. Please note that you need to be logged into Sched, our programme wrangling tool, in order to see the links to video content. 

On the right side of the Programme are a variety of options for filtering and customising your view - you can set your timezone, view one day at a time, or filter by session type. 

You can also use the Schedule drop down menu to see different layouts of the programme - the Expanded view has session titles, summaries, and associated links on one page, so you may find it useful to keep this view open in a tab so you can easily access livestream and Zoom links throughout NetHui. 

Sponsors & Community Supporters

NetHui wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of a large number of sponsors and community supporters. If you would like to sponsor NetHui 2020 please contact us at

Community Supporters