Tech tools for NetHui 2020

We'll use several tech tools for online NetHui (only one is a must). We strongly encourage you to check them out before the event, so you have a smooth experience on the day. 


Sched is the home base of NetHui, accessible via the programme embedded on the NetHui website. It’s where you see the programme, can create your own custom schedule, learn about panelists and other attendees, and connect with each other (if you want).

Everyone will be invited to create their profile on Sched in early October, so keep an eye out for that email. You’ll have the option to be an invisible lurker if you don’t want to appear on the attendee list, but access to streams and breakout rooms will only be available to logged in attendees in Sched.

This is the only tool on which you’ll be required to create an account in order to attend NetHui.

This is how the programme looks like

Screenshot of the programme


This is an example of a session

Screenshot of a session description with the speakers list

And that's how a participant's profile looks like

You can add as many details as you wish, whatever you are comfortable with sharing. 

Screenshot of a participant's profile


Slack will be our informal hallway track, and it’s optional (but encouraged!). This is where you can connect with other attendees, plan barcamp and other informal sessions, and otherwise socialise with each other outside of formal sessions.

Invites for Slack will come in early October, and we’d encourage everyone to join early. Slack will be the easiest place to get in touch with the NetHui team if you want to organise a spontaneous meet up or barcamp, or are having technical issues. It will also persist after NetHui is over, so you’ll have an easy way to continue working on action plans and other schemes that come out of NetHui. 


Zoom is what we’ll be using for our panelists to connect to one another (and then be live streamed to you) and breakout discussion streams. Links to Zoom rooms will be available in the session pages on Sched, and you can attend from web-based Zoom without installing the app or creating an account if you want. If you’ve got a free account on Zoom, that’ll work too. 


Livestream is how we’ll be getting our panel feeds to you - you’ll just need to click a link to view the stream. Recording of the panels and lightning talks will be available to the public after NetHui is over. 

Google Docs and Slides

Google Docs and Slides are what we’ll use for collaborative note taking during the breakout sessions. These will be available as records of the breakout streams and any action plans that come out of them. 

Sponsors & Community Supporters

NetHui wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of a large number of sponsors and community supporters. If you would like to sponsor NetHui 2020 please contact us at

Community Supporters