Welcome to NetHui - New Zealand’s favourite Internet gathering. We are looking forward to seeing you on 13-14 October, as we have so many things to discuss! 

The programme for NetHui is made for the community, with the community. It's designed by the people who want to go. It is still a work in progress, and we are adding new sessions and details every day. There will be panel discussions where smart folks discuss complex ideas, lightning talks to spark your curiosity, and small group breakout sessions for diving deeper into the meaty issues. 

In October, all attendees will be invited to create their profiles on Sched, where you can customise your profile, choose your schedule, and start to connect with other attendees. 

On 12 October and outside of the main sessions on 13-14 October, there are also a variety of side events that you can attend (coded in red in the programme below). These range from workshops to roundtables to research forums (if you've been to NetHui in the past, you may remember Partners Day or Day 0). They are organised and delivered by our partners and friends, and require a separate registration. There are a lot of fascinating topics, so do check them out!

View the Nethui programme.

Sponsors & Community Supporters

NetHui wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of a large number of sponsors and community supporters. If you would like to sponsor NetHui 2020 please contact us at

Community Supporters